The majority of my images are from meanderings in Istanbul, a fascinating city with many layers of overlapping complexities. I return to the same areas of the city often to find that places no longer exist or are morphing into something completely different. This myriad of activity compels me to try and capture the process in its entirety.

I have been interested in photography since I was a teenager and was able to delve into it a bit more when I began working at photo labs in Germany, England and San Francisco. I looked at millions of strangers’ photos and took thousands upon thousands of photos myself.  I carried my bulk loader and dark box on various road trips across Europe and the U.S.  I have always thought of photography as a passionate hobby but it wasn't until I moved to Istanbul, Turkey that I found a need to ramp it up even more. The passion has become more of an addiction - my eyes constantly roving to take in as much as possible to catch the right moments. Often these moments are so fleeting that I feel almost desperate to get the shot.

So, I wander the streets of this amazing city of contrasts and contradictions.... Capturing the textures and characters before they disappear. There is no end.  Istanbul is constantly changing - for better and for worse, and this creates a continuous element  - almost overwhelming at times- of intrigue ... A dream for a street photographer. 

Thank you to friends and travel companions who have been ever-so patient with me as I dawdle behind taking photos... You know who you are. 

Also a big thank you to my faithful Istanbul companion, Murat, who is most patient and supportive.

Publication, exhibitions and photo references


Manna Gallery, Oakland, California USA  2014, 2016







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